WIFI at the LIbrary

radio frequency tower

Wi-Fi  @  Your Library
The Weber County Library System is pleased to offer its patrons Wi-Fi Internet access.
Simply connect to the "Library-WiFi" wireless network, open your web browser, accept the policies governing Internet access, enter a valid e-mail address, click login, and surf!  It's that easy.
Q.  How do I connect to the Library's wireless network?
A. A common scenario would be a wireless enabled laptop running Microsoft Windows.  Once the laptop is up and running, the wireless network will be detected.  Follow the prompts to connect.  Open a web browser, accept the agreement, enter a valid e-mail address and login. Then you will be connected to the internet.
Q.  Does the Library's wireless network use encryption?
A. No.  In order to provide simple, easy to use, wireless connectivity, encryption is not used.  Typical encryption methods are accomplished by using "Secret Keys".  Providing everyone with the Secret Key renders the encryption ineffective.
Q.   What type of Internet access is allowed on the Library's wireless network?
A. The Library's wireless network provides web only Internet access.
Q.  Which Libraries offer wireless connectivity?
A. All Weber County Libraries offer free wireless Internet access.
Q.  Do I need a Library card to use the Library's wireless network?
A. No.  Anyone may use the Library's wireless network.
Q.  What kind of wireless does the Library offer?
A. The Library's wireless network supports 802.11a/b/g devices.
Q.  I can't connect to the wireless network, what's wrong?
A Ensure your device is compatible with the 802.11a/b/g standards.  Only connect to the "Library-WiFi" wireless network.  Other wireless networks will not grant connection.
Q.  My wireless device does not detect any wireless networks, what's wrong?
A. Either your wireless device is not compatible, not enabled, or simply isn't working.
Q.  Can the Library staff set up my wireless device?
A. No.  The Library staff is not allowed to configure your device or attempt repairs.  Consult your wireless device manufacturer.
Q.  Can I connect with my BlueTooth wireless device?
A. No, only 802.11a/b/g devices are supported.
Q.  I connected to the wireless network, but I can't get to any website.  What's wrong?
A. Your wireless device must be set to get an IP address and DNS server address automatically.