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Weber Reads
Community Reading Program

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Weber Reads is funded in part by a generous donation from the Ralph Nye Charitable Foundation

What is Weber Reads?

The Weber Reads program was developed in 2008 with the goal of providing opportunities for community-wide reading, reflecting, and engagement in meaningful dialogue. The annual Weber Reads program provides opportunities for community-wide reading, reflecting, and engagement. Each year, texts or themes are selected that help illuminate experiences and beliefs while transcending group values to unite us as human beings. The American Library Association has three times chosen Weber Reads to receive its Community Reading Program “Best of Show” award.

Weber Reads is now in its 17th year. Sponsored jointly by the Weber County Commission and the Weber County Library System, Weber Reads encourages discovery, reflection, and engagement in meaningful dialogue around a yearly topic as we read books; listen to presentations; watch films; and, most importantly, talk and learn from one another.

2023 Theme: Ways of Living: Indigenous VoicesWays of Living Art

The stories were old and dear; they meant a great deal to my grandmother. It was not until she died that I knew how much they meant to her. I began to think about it, and then I knew. When she told me those old stories, something strange and good and powerful was going on. I was a child, and that old woman was asking me to come directly into the presence of her mind and spirit; she was taking hold of my imagination, giving me to share in the great fortune of her wonder and delight. She was asking me to go with her to the confrontation of something that was sacred and eternal. It was a timeless, timeless thing; nothing of her old age or of my childhood came between us.

From House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday

Stories of any people lead the listener, the reader, away, across boundaries of time and space. This year, for the 2023 Weber Reads season, we invite you to accompany us on such a journey. Together, we will explore the experiences and listen to the voices of North American indigenous people through a range of events and programs. Please join Library staff for performances, storytelling, films, book discussions, exhibits, and other events that celebrate and illuminate these Americans and their experiences. All events will be held during September, October, and November and are free and open to all ages.