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Welcome to our Makerspaces! 

Unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life with a range of high-tech equipment and tools. We offer a variety of cutting-edge resources — including a CNC machine, laser engraver, large-format printer, and embroidery machine — to help you turn your dreams into reality.
Our CNC machine is perfect for creating intricate designs on wood. With computer-controlled precision, this machine can produce detailed cuts and designs, making it an ideal tool for artists, engineers, and designers.   
Our laser engraver is another popular tool. With this high-powered laser, you can easily etch detailed designs onto a range of surfaces such as wood, acrylic, glass, metal and leather. Library staff will help you determine if your surface is safe to cut. Create custom gifts, promotional items, and personalized designs.     
Our large-format printer is perfect for creating high-quality, large-scale prints. Whether you need to print a poster, banner, or other visual display, this printer can produce vibrant, eye-catching results. Library staff will help you format your project for the best result.

Our embroidery machine is perfect for anyone interested in creating custom-designed apparel or accessories. With a variety of stitch options and thread colors, you can easily create intricate designs on a range of fabrics.   

Buttonmakers and comb binders are also available. The library offers supplies for these two resources at a low cost. Ask staff for more information. 
At our makerspaces, we foster creativity, experimentation, and collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of makerspaces, our equipment and resources are here to help you bring your ideas to life. We offer training and support to help you get started, and our staff is always available to answer any questions or provide guidance.   
So, what are you waiting for? Call or stop by to explore, ask questions, or to make an appointment. 

Main Library Makerspace Equipment 

Laser Engraver - FSL Muse 2D Desktop CO2 Laser Cutter

45W CO2 Laser Tube

12" x 20" workspace

RetinaEngrave v3.0 Laser Engraving Software

250, 500, 1000 DPI file settings

Vector Engraving & Cutting file types .PDF .SVG .DXF .AI

Raster Engraving file types .JPEG .PNG .BMP .TIF

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) of the material are REQUIRED for use of the Laser Engraver.

Laser Safe Materials

  • Wood (must be unfinished wood)
    • Baltic Birch Plywood - Cuts/Engrave
    • Pine - Cuts/Engrave
    • Cherry Wood - Cuts/Engrave
    • Cardstock/Paper - Cuts/Engrave
    • Clipboard Material - Cuts/Engrave
  • Rubber
    • Low Odor Rubber - Cuts/Engrave
    • Silicone - Cuts/Engrave
    • Vulcanized Rubber - Cuts/Engrave
  • Fabric
    • Polyester Fabric - Cuts
    • Nylon - Cuts
    • Denim - Cuts/Engrave
    • Leather - Cuts/Engrave
  • Stone
    • Marble - Engrave White
    • Granite - Light Etch
    • Ceramic Tile - Light Etch
    • Agate - Etch
    • Mirror - Light 
  • Glass
    • Colored Glass - Etch White/Sparkly
    • Clear Glass - Etch White/Sparkly
    • Tempered Glass/Crystal - Light/No Effect

Any materials that are not included on this list will not be engraved. 

Embroidery Machine - SWF Mas-12 Needle Embroidery Machine

12 Colors Embroidery Machine

Workspace size 9"x14"

Design and create your own embroidery file with Wilcom e4 Embroidery Software

Embroidery Thread and Backing are provided

Button Maker

1.5" Round Button Maker

2.25" Round Button Maker

8 x 1.5"" Round button supplies for $1

4 x 2.25" Round button supplies for $1

Makerspace PC Software

Audacity - Audio Editing Software 

El Gato - VHS/VHS-C to DVD or .mp4 file

GIMP - Photo Editing Software

Pinnacle 22 Ultimate - Video Editing Software

SmartShooter - 35mm film to Digital File

Electric Type Writer - IBM Personal Typewriter

Southwest Branch Makerspace Equipment 

Brother Embroidery Machine

Embroider your digital designs with up to 10 different colors of thread.

CNC Machine

Make small signs, intricate designs and other projects out of wood. (8” x 8” x 3”)

Large Format Printer

Print banners and poster sized materials. (24” wide)

Comb Binding Machine

Secure your project pages in book form with a plastic binding.

Button Makers

Make your own buttons in three different sizes. 1.25" round, 2.25” round and 2.25” rectangle

Electric Typewriter

MakerSpace PC#1 Software

-CorelFont Manager    

Makerspace PC#2 Software

Carbide Create

Ogden Valley Branch Makerspace Equipment

Comb Binding Machine

Secure your project pages in book form with a plastic binding.

Grommet Press

Install grommets in signs, clothes, sails, banners, shoes, bags, and all manner of craft projects.

Square Button Maker

Get creative and make your own buttons to pin to your clothes or bags.

Paper Cutter

Safely cut paper to the perfect size.

Color Image Scanner

Scan, digitize and save your documents and photos in archival quality to your cloud storage account or a USB drive. 18” X 12.5”

Makerspace PC Software

Graphtec Pro Studio 3.4   
Graphtec Pro Studio Production Manager 3.4   
Cutting Master 4   
Corel Photo-paint 2019   
Corel Draw 2019   
Corel Capture 2019   
Corel Font Manager 2019   
SilverFast 8