What is the Plan?

bond timeline graphic


  • Replace the Southwest Branch with a larger, modern library
  • Renovate and upgrade the historic Main Library
  • Modernize and double the space of North Branch
  • Add safe, street parking at the Ogden Valley Branch



  • Library use is at an all-time high and increasing every year
  • The Main Library, built in 1968, has significant structural and mechanical problems
  • Southwest Branch is too small and is inadequate to meet the demands of a growing population
  • Land has been provided by Roy City for a new Southwest Branch
  • North Branch is too small to serve northern Weber County and has unfinished space that can double the size available to the public
  • With expanded parking, Ogden Valley Branch can accommodate large groups and serve as a community center
  • The cost of borrowing money for construction is historically low, but will increase in the future
  • Library funds are increasingly being used to repair buildings instead of enhancing library facilities or programs



  • Bonds will finance the renovation and upgrade of the Main Library, a new Southwest Branch, doubling the space for the North Branch, and expanding parking for Ogden Valley Branch
  • All for the cost of $2.63 per month for a $161,000 residence or $4.77 per month on a business property with the same value

You Can Help

  • Volunteer to get the word out  
  • Invite someone from the library to speak to a group  
  • Attend library planning meetings  
  • Contribute funding to enhance library spaces, programs, and services        
  • Vote in the Library Bond Election