Recommended eMedia Devices

eMedia: Connect to Your Virtual Library
eMedia kiosks are available at all five Weber County Libraries, facilitating easy downloading of eAudiobooks and eBooks from the collection for those who own a compatible listening or reading device.

eAudiobooks are the digital version of a book on audio tape or compact disc (CD). While the Library will continue to stock CD books, funds are now also being allocated to build a robust collection of eAudiobooks. As with CD books, eAudiobooks will be loaned to patrons free of charge.

In addition, librarians are also available to help patrons use Library computers to download eBooks; that is, download books published in an electronic digital format, rather than on paper. However, it is important to note that there are many publishing formats, inconsistencies, and licensing issues in the eMedia industry. Providing general access to eAudiobooks and eBooks in a public environment is difficult, if not impossible, on some listening and reading devices.

If you are planning to purchase a listening or reading device and would like to get your eAudiobooks and/or eBooks free of charge from the Library, we highly recommend the following products, which have been tested by staff and found to be of the highest quality and compatibility with our inventory.

eAudiobooks eBooks
iPod iPad
Sansa  Nook
Creative Zen Sony

The above devices have been selected for compatibility and ease of use, not necessarily for cost. For additional information on all devices supported by our supplier, visit their Web site at