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Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a digital library of websites and cultural artifacts such as audio recordings, movies, music, software, and archived web pages. This site offers permanent and free access to these resources for researchers, historians, and scholars.

WorldCat is an online catalog that searches the holdings of more than 10,000 participating libraries worldwide and indexes more than 1.5 billion articles, books, CDs, and DVDs. Searches can be narrowed by ZIP code, year, language, format, and audience as well as by title, author, and keyword. WorldCat is particularly useful in locating out of print materials.

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NoveList Plus
NoveList Plus is a useful resource for discovering both fiction and nonfiction titles. Discover new titles by browsing author or title read-alikes or search for books by genre, location, reading level, subject, tone, or writing style. NoveList Plus also offers resources such as award and genre guides and book club resources.
Online Books Page
This site indexes and links to over three million free books on the Internet, with a focus on older and out of copyright titles. Books may be searched for by title, author, or subject.