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GeneralBack to top (In Library Use Only)

This resource provides multiple sources from which to obtain ancestry information, such as birth, marriage, and death certificates; immigrations records; census data; navy deployments; and draft cards. Users may save this data to build family trees.

HeritageQuest Online

A genealogy research database that enables users to search for information on people and places described in over 25,000 family and local histories. Users may also search 140 years of U.S Census records, marriage and death records, genealogy and local history publications, tax records, city directories, land and probate records, and many other resources.


This site in useful for searching obituaries in over 800 American newspapers. The coverage dates vary by newspaper, but most cover at least the last ten or fifteen years. Searches can cover the entire country or can be narrowed to regions or even a specific publication. Although this site charges to view the obituaries, the Weber County Library may have free access to many obituaries through its research databases or through Inter-Library Loan. For assistance in obtaining obituaries, call Library staff at 801-337-2646.

Burial & Death RecordsBack to top Security Death Index

This resource uses data from the Social Security Administration to provide information, such as the social security number, date of death, place of death, and birth date, on more than 76 million individuals. The index includes death information from 1962 to present. It currently contains 50 percent of deceased persons from 1962 to 1971 and about 85 percent of the deceased persons from 1972 to 2005. The website allows you to search by life events or relationships.

Genealogy Bank--Social Security Death Index

This resource, using data from the Social Security Administration, contains detailed information such as the name, date of death, place of death, and birth date on more than 92 million individuals. The website includes death information from 1936 to present, although omissions are not uncommon. Viewing the information is free, but requires registration to access the full record.

Utah Cemetery Burials Database

This resource allows simultaneous searches for names on the tombstones in dozens of Utah cemeteries -- including several in Weber County (Ben Lomond Cemetery, Huntsville Cemetery, Ogden City Cemetery, and others). Information from the tombstones usually includes dates of birth and death, grave location, and known relatives. Most of these cemetery databases are updated on an irregular basis. Their accuracy depends upon the meticulousness of the volunteer who compiled and submitted the data.

Utah Death Certificates, 1904 - 1966

The Utah State Archives has a Utah Death Certificate Index that provides online access to the digitized images of most death certificates issued in the state between 1904 and 1966. More recent death certificates are classified as private records and are not available to the general public. The State Archives website has further information on how to access Utah death records.