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Free eBooks from Project Gutenberg

Over 57,000 eBooks of enduring works of literature are available for download to an e-reader device or a computer.

OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks

This service provides eBooks and eAudiobooks for download to portable devices and computers. Over 41,000 eBooks and 23,000 eAudiobooks are currently available, including many recently published titles. Download Libby app for mobile devices.

RBdigital eAudiobooks

An audiobook download service for Library cardholders that provides access to over 10,000 fiction and nonfiction titles, including hundreds of children's titles. Software available for desktop computers. Download app for mobile devices.


Read or listen to picture books, read classic ebooks, and play games on Tumblebooks. Some titles are also available in Spanish and French.

Now available as a free smartphone or tablet app. Search for Tumblebooks in your device's app store, and simply put in your Library card number to get started.