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Learning is fun on this Web site, with hundreds of eBooks and educational games that support math, science, and reading development.  (Age of Learning, Inc.)


An interactive way to learn and have fun. 

Animal Jam

A playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. (National Geographic)

Boowa & Kwala

Over 400 educational games and activities divided into 24 categories.   (uptoten)

Chess Kids

Learn and play chess with kids around the world, for free.  (

Cool Math Games

Who knew math could be so much fun? Try out these games.  (Coolmath)

Discovery Kids

Play science-related games and learn science trivia. (Discovery Communications)


You are challenged to create new molecule designs in this biochemistry game.  


Organized by age and grade level, these games teach and entertain at the same time.  (Family Education Network)


Math games for every grade.

Math Playground

From spooky Escape from Fraction Manor to Alien Angles, your brain will get a math workout and have fun at the same time. 

National Geographic Kids

This site has games, trivia, quizzes, photos, and "weird but true" facts, all about the amazing world of animals.  (National Geographic)


Games, videos, and more.  (PBS)


Create a cool character and join this online world where you can explore the islands, solve mysteries, and compete in quests. (Family Education Network) 


Learn about the wizarding world of Harry Potter, discover new writing from the author, and experience Hogwarts for yourself! Free account required. (Pottermore Limited)

Project Nightjar

How quick is your eye?  Find the camouflaged eggs and birds and see if you can beat the clock.  Learn about the amazing ways an animal hides from predators.  

RIF Game Station

Have some fun with these reading and writing games and activities!  (Reading is Fundamental)

Scholastic Family Playground

Find some of your favorite characters, games, and printables on this website for parents and children aged 3-7.  (Scholastic)

Sesame Street

Play games, enjoy videos, and have fun learning on this colorful Web site.  (Sesame Workshop)


Have fun with everything Seuss on this colorful website. 


Practice math, reading, and writing skills through gaming fun. 


A free, simple, online 3D design and 3d printing tool for people of all ages. Users must register for a free account to use. (Autocad)

AnimalsBack to top

Animal Fact Guide

Animal Fact Guide showcases fascinating facts about animals from around the world using a wildlife blog and fun downloads like coloring pages, mazes, and word puzzles. (Animal Fact Guide)

Animal Planet: Wild Animals

Features information, photo galleries, videos, and more on your favorite animals. (Discovery Communications)

Animal Sounds Library

Listen to the sounds of various animals, from the giant anteater to the gray wolf. (Sea World)

FactMonster Science: Animals

Learn cool animal facts, find out the most popular pet names, and get the latest on animal conservation efforts around the world. (Family Education Network)

Nature Sound Map

Experience the sounds of nature around the world.  (Wild Ambience)

Project Noah

Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife.  Upload your photographs of the plants and animals you see around you!  (National Geographic, New York University)

Children's Books and AuthorsBack to top

AR Bookfinder

Search for Accelerated Reader books by title, author, subject, and more.  (Renaissance Learning)

Authors and Illustrators

Find out more information about a favorite author or illustrator. (American Library Association)

Beehive Book Award

Find out which books have won and those that are nominated for the Beehive Book Award, Utah's annual child's choice award for children and young adult fiction and nonfiction.

Book Adventure

A free website that allows you to track the books you read, take quizzes on them, and earn points for prizes! (Sylvan Learning Center)

Children's and Young Adult Book Awards

The authoritative guide to the country's children's and young adult book awards.  Find out the history of each award, and browse lists of winners and honor books.  (American Library Association)


Young book lovers will enjoy searching this website to find more information about their favorite books, series, and authors. (The Book Report Network)

Lexile Framework for Reading

Search lexile measures or grade levels to match children with books at their reading level. (MetaMetrics)

Reading Planet

Join the club and write book reviews, discover new reads, listen to stories and songs, play games, and more on this fun website. (Reading Is Fundamental)

Storyline Online

Enjoy videos of your favorite picture books, narrated by professional actors.  (Screen Actors Guild Foundation)

Search Engines for KidsBack to top What's Your Question?

Ask your question and get an answer.

Just for Parents/CaregiversBack to top

Autism Council of Utah

An independent council working to foster collaboration, communication, and learning among families and agencies in the state of Utah. (Autism Council of Utah)

Autism Speaks

One of the world's leading science and advocacy organizations, dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments, and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families. (Autism Speaks)

Special Needs Resource Project - Utah Resources

A directory of nonprofit and for profit organizations offering aid to people with special needs in the state of Utah. (Special Needs Project)

Utah Parent Center

The Utah Parent Center offers resources for parents to help their children and teens with all disabilities to live productive lives as members of the community. (Utah Parent and Training Information Center)

Homework HelpBack to top

Ben's Guide to the Government for Kids

An award-winning site that teaches all about the United States system of government. (U.S. Government Printing Office)

Discovery Education

This website provides homework help for all kinds of subjects, interactive learning games, virtual labs, and other learning opportunities for home and in the classroom. (Discovery Communications)

DK Findout!

A question-answering resource for children aged 7-11, featuring animations, photographs, videos, and articles on mathematics, English, history, science, and more.  (Dorling Kindersley)

Explora: Elementary Schools

A database designed specifically for elementary school students according to their needs and search abilities.  It is easy to use with simple searches that provide results in articles, essays, and primary source documents to help successful research.  

Explora: Middle & High School

A search database designed specifically for middle and high school students according to their needs and search abilities.  Students can browse topics of interest or search for a topic of their choice. Search results can be limited to source type (e.g., magazines, news, biographies, etc.) or by Lexile range. 

Fact Monster

Math, science, social studies, the world, and more, all in one place. (Information Please)

Homework Center: Language Arts

Help and tips on grammar and spelling, information on literature and authors, and more.  (Family Education Network)

Homework Help for Kids & Teens

Utah's Online Public Library is a virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division in cooperation with Utah's public libraries.  On this section of the site, Utah's Online Public Library offers an array of homework help resources for students in elementary through high school, all in one place. 

Homework Spot

Whether you are in kindergarten or high school, this site offers the best homework help sites on the web, all in one convenient place.  (StartSpot Mediaworks)

IXL Math and English

Preschoolers through 8th graders can get free practice in core curriculum skills in math and language arts.  (IXL Learning) 

Math Is Fun

Learn math concepts or get more help. 

Math Playground

A popular learning site for kids of all ages filled with math and thinking games, step-by-step instructional videos, math practice, and problem solving activities.

Merriam-Webster's Word Central

Play word games, create your own words, find words in the thesaurus, or just look up definitions. (Merriam-Webster)

NGAkids Art Zone

NGAkids interactives offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history for all ages. (National Gallery of Art)

Scholastic Teachables

Scholastic Teachables offers printable activities for many subjects, including math, science, reading comprehension, writing, and STEM subjects. Download printable lesson plans, reading passages, games and puzzles, clip art, bulletin board ideas, and skill sheets for preschool through eighth grade.

This Day In History

Find out what happened on a particular day in history. (A&E Television)

People & PlacesBack to top


Search for over 30,000 biographies. (Infoplease)

Culture Quest: World Tour

Join Parsifal Penguin and Ophelia Owl on a virtual world tour and learn about the food, games, arts, and history of many cultures of the world. (University of Michigan's School of Information)


Celebrate the best of humanity with these heroes from around the world. (MY HERO Project)

Utah Counties

Find short county histories for county reports.

Health, Safety, and the EnvironmentBack to top

Environmental Protection Agency: Students

Learn about the environment we live in and how to take care of it. (United States Environmental Protection Agency)


An award-winning health website with articles written for children on a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect them. (Nemours)

MyPlate Kids' Place

Games, activity pages, and other resources to teach kids how to eat healthy. (United States Department of Agriculture)

Ready Kids

Learn how your family can prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies. (The Federal Emergency Management Agency)

UtahBack to top

I Love History

Learn all about Utah and its history, including each county, American Indian tribes, local geology, and key events. (Utah Department of Heritage and Arts)

Utah State Symbols

Learn about the official Utah state symbols. (Utah's Online Public Library)

ScienceBack to top

Kids Ahead: Robotics

An overview of robots: learn about what's current in the field of robotics, plus try out some robot activities at home.  (Caruth Institute for Engineering Education)

Science Buddies

Use this Web site to find great science fair project ideas. (Science Buddies)

Science Fair Central

Find ideas for your science project here. (Discovery Communications)


Like science?  Then this database is for you.  Explore science in the news, investigate careers in the sciences, find experiments to try, and have fun! 

Encyclopedias and MagazinesBack to top

Scholastic Go! Encyclopedias

An online encyclopedia for elementary school students, with articles, maps, facts and figures, current events, and suggested activities. (Scholastic)

Resources for Parents & TeachersBack to top

Scholastic Teachables

Scholastic Teachables offers printable activities for many subjects, including math, science, reading comprehension, writing, and STEM subjects. Download printable lesson plans, reading passages, games and puzzles, clip art, bulletin board ideas, and skill sheets for preschool through eighth grade.