Weber Reads: Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson, a beloved author for people of all ages, is the focus of the 2012-13 Weber Reads program.  Her poems and letters are read in elementary and secondary schools and studied in college classrooms.  Because of a poem read a child, she is often the only poet a person knows.    

Dickinson lived a quiet but deeply observant life, watching and writing about the natural world outside the home she helped keep for her family in Amherst, Massachusetts.  Her writing speaks to us when we are children, and at the end of our lives, from across the century that now separates us from her.  Her poems offer powerful insights into friendship, love, and eternity, as well as so many other swells and shoals of life, stimulating us to make meaningful connections where we have noticed none before -- between our ancestors and ourselves, between one culture and another, between the community and the individual.


For Adults

Emily Dickinson for Children & Young Adults