Houndsley and Catina

Houndsley and Catina
Howe, James; Gay, Marie-Louise (Illustrator)

The subtle dance of friendship - from holding your tongue to knowing what to say - is played out in three sweetly humorous tales about an unlikely, likable pair. Catina wants to be a famous writer. Houndsley is an excellent cook. Catina thinks Houndsley is a wonder. Houndsley thinks Catina is a very good friend. So what should Houndsley say about Catina's seventy-four-chapter memoir? And can Catina find the right words of comfort for Houndsley after the big cooking contest fiasco? James Howe's funny and endearing world of ginger tea, no-bean chili, and firefly watching is brought to life in cozy watercolors by Marie-Louise Gay in this tender chapter book about what it means to be friends.

A dog and cat share ginger tea, no-bean chili, and firefly watching in this book about being friends.
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JF Howe
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