Treasure Island

Treasure Island
Stevenson, Robert Louis; Dillard, R. H. W. (Introduction by)

For sheer storytelling delight and pure adventure, Treasure Island has never been surpassed. From young Jim Hawkin's first encounter with the sinister Blind Pew to the climactic battle with the most memorable villain in literature, Long John Silver, this novel has fired readers' imaginations for generations. More than a rousing tale of treachery, greed, and daring, Treasure Island is, in the words of G. K. Chesterton, "the realisation of an ideal, that which is promised in its provocative and beckoning map; a vision not only of white skeletons but also green palm trees and sapphire seas." Original and thoroughly engaging, Treasure Island continues to appeal to young and old alike. A new introduction by R.H.W. Dillard offers a modern perspective on the timeless themes of this classic story, illuminating its relevance to today's readers.

A boy finds a mysterious map and goes on a dangerous adventure filled with mutinous pirates and buried treasure.
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JF/YP F Stevenson
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