Protecting Your Internet Identity : Are You Naked Online?

Protecting Your Internet Identity : Are You Naked Online?
Claypoole, Ted; Payton, Theresa; Swecker, Chris (Foreword by)
Today people have an offline reputation and image, but are increasingly creating one or more online personas. Their online image is having an impact on them in many ways. Employers are hiring and firing based on people's online activities. Criminals are using online identities to abuse or steal from victims. Cyberbullies are taking advantage of those who reveal themselves as vulnerable on grieving or eating disorder sites. Schools are denying admission based on adolescent behaviors broadcast online in social networking sites or media sharing sites such as YouTube. Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are you Naked Online? helps readers understand the implications of their online personas, how they may be putting themselves at risk, and how to take charge of this important new aspect of their lives for career and personal success. Offering simple, specific steps readers can take to analyze their online image, determine who they want to be online, and turn their online reputation around, this book is the go-to source for protecting your online image and projecting the persona you want others to see. The authors offer key advice on: Changing privacy settings Purging unwanted personal contentRecognizing the risks and pitfalls of online identities Utilizing social networking to your advantageProtecting your kids onlineCurbing unwanted spying on your searches and interestsPreventing identity theft and other online dangers Redeeming your online image Projecting a more professional image
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