One Man's Meat

One Man's Meat
White, E. B.

First published in 1942, One Man's Meat has been in print almost without interruption. Now these classic essays on Maine life have come home to roost with a Maine publisher. E. B. White began this collection as a series of pieces for Harper's when he left New York City and moved to a saltwater farm in Brooklin, Maine. His observations on town meetings, poultry, the weather, songbirds, com-post, taxes, war, winter, and much more will resonate just as strongly today--to anyone attuned to Maine life--as they did more than half a century ago.


Too personal for an almanac, too sophisticated for a domestic history, and too funny and self-doubting for a literary journal, One Man's Meat can best be described as a primer of a countryman's lessons; a timeless recounting of experience that will never go out of style.

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