Lost in the River of Grass

Lost in the River of Grass
Rorby, Ginny

"I don't realize I'm crying until he glances at me. For a moment, I see the look of anguish in his eyes, then he blinks it away and slips off into the water. I immediately think of the gator. It's still down there somewhere. . . ." A science-class field trip to the Everglades is supposed to be fun, but Sarah's new at Glades Academy, and her fellow freshmen aren't exactly making her feel welcome. When an opportunity for an unauthorized side trip on an air boat presents itself, it seems like a perfect escape -- an afternoon without feeling like a sore thumb. But one simple oversight turns a joyride into a race for survival across the river of grass. Sarah will have to count on her instincts -- and a guy she barely knows -- if they have any hope of making it back alive.


When two teens become stranded on an island in the Everglades, they attempt to walk through swampland to reach civilization.

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YP F Rorby
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