Green Facilities: Industrial and Commercial LEED Certification (GreenSource)

Green Facilities: Industrial and Commercial LEED Certification (GreenSource)
Winkler, Greg

TheGreenSourceguide to greening industrial and commercial facilitiesGreen Facilities: Industrial and Commercial LEED Certificationis a valuable strategy and planning resource for saving money and energy by implementing sustainable production and business operations. The book is essential for business owners, facility managers, plant engineers, production managers, architects, engineers, and anyone responsible for controlling industrial/commercial facility costs or designing new industrial facilities.Green Facilities Includes quick reference information for selecting and assessing the most worthwhile green opportunities for a business Provides detailed reviews and resources for the most commonly used sustainability and conservation practices in industrial facilities in the U.S. Presents a broad, diverse collection of industrial/commercial sustainability strategies that can save energy and aid in cost cutting Contains specific industry resources for each strategy to provide more detailed product and cost information and assist with implementationPractical coverage: Industrial Greening; Indoor Health and Thermal Comfort; Utilities; Operations; Building Features; Equipment; Exterior; Resources


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