The Green Dog

The Green Dog
Staples, Suzanne Fisher

The summer after fourth grade, a lonely girl wants just one thing: a dog. It's all she can think of. She tries everything to convince her parents to let her have one, but nothing works. She is sure that she will spend another whole summer alone ¿ dogless and friendless ¿ with no one to share her adventures in the woods and waterways of northeastern Pennsylvania. Just when things look bleakest, a dog appears on the side of the road and needs rescuing. He looks exactly like the dog she's been dreaming of. Together they spend long, golden days fishing, swimming, and exploring the woods. Jeff works his magic on everyone in the house, but it's soon evident that he has a nose for trouble, like digging up the neighbor's rhubarb patch and overturning a pail of green paint. Suzanne¿s father rapidly loses patience. "One more incident," he warns, "and that dog is going to the farm." This heartwarming story, taken from the author's childhood, will remind readers of all ages what it¿s like to wish for something so hard ¿ and to love something so completely ¿ it makes your heart ache.

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JF Staples
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