Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker

Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker
Ahlberg, Jessica

Who will Lucy and her dog, Mr. Barker, see on their fairy-tale adventure? Peek through from scene to scene to guess who they might meet next. Lucy is reading a fairy tale to Mr. Barker, but her dog has other ideas. When he jumps out the window -- landing in a cottage with a broken chair, three bowls of porridge, and a little golden-haired girl -- Lucy is right behind him. Goldilocks would rather not be there when the bears return, so she joins Lucy and Mr. Barker as they continue on their way, adding a trio of pigs, a boy with a goose, and a just-awakened princess during their journey. What happens next? Cutout windows throughout add visual surprises to this lighthearted fractured fairy tale.

Summer Reading
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JP Ahlberg


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