Charlotte's Web: A Pig's Salvation

Charlotte's Web: A Pig's Salvation
Griffith, John W.

Opening with a concise yet thorough chronology of E. B. White's life, Griffith successfully proceeds to show the reader how E. B. White's life-style, notably White's own experience as a Maine farmer, is reflected in Charlotte's Web. Especially enlightening is Griffith's comparison of the author's writing style as a New Yorker magazine contributor to that used in Charlotte's Web. Finally, Griffith asks - and answers - the most puzzling question of this deceptively simple tale, namely, "Why should a pig be saved at all?"


From his tumultuous beginning to his glorious retirement, Wilbur, the pig who plays the central role in E.B. White's well-known children's work, Charlotte's Web, appeals to readers of all ages. 

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813.52 G8538c 1993
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