Chameleon, Chameleon

Chameleon, Chameleon
Cowley, Joy; Bishop, Nic (Illustrator, Photographer)

This companion to award-winning RED-EYED TREE FROG gives young readers an amazing close-up view of the colorful, quirky chameleon. Experience close-up the many moods (and colors) of chameleons. One brave chameleon ventures from the safety of his tree in search of a new home. On his journey, he meets other rain forest animals, not all of them friendly! Alas, the new tree he chooses is already home to another chameleon. She dons her aggressive coloring until she's sure that the visitor is friend, not foe. Then they welcome each other with brilliant, happy colors. Incredible photographs and simple text perfect for young children is rounded out with informative backmatter on one of the planet's most captivating creatures.


Up-close photographs and text capture the many moods and colors of chameleons as they hunt for food, search for a new home, brave dangerous strangers, and even make friends.

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