The Cat Who Could Read Backwards

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
Braun, Lilian Jackson

More than thirty years ago, Lilian Jackson Braun wrote The Cat Who Could Read Backwards and launched the phenomenally successful Cat Who... mystery series. In it we are introduced to the extraordinary detective team of prize-winning reporter Jim Qwilleran and Koko, the brilliant Siamese cat. Jim Qwilleran is somewhat disgruntled when his assignment for the Daily Fluxion is to cover the art beat. For a hard-nosed crime reporter it's like being put out to pasture. Little does he suspect that this fluff assignment will lead down the path to murder. A stabbing in an art gallery, vandalized paintings, a fatal fall from a scaffold are not at all what Qwilleran expects. Even less, he could not possibly predict that the solution to these crimes wouldn't come from his newfound partner, Koko the Siamese with exceptional abilities for sniffing out clues.


His new news beat might seem uneventful, but award-winning reporter Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cat Koko find murder and mystery in the art world.

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F Braun
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