Barnum Brown: Dinosaur Hunter

Barnum Brown: Dinosaur Hunter
Sheldon, David

Barnum Brown had one ambition as a child: to grow up to be a great dinosaur hunter. And that's just what he did when he was hired by the American Natural History Museum ‚--working to build their astounding collection. Barnum had a knack for finding dinosaur bones, a skill that rivaled the paleontologists before him. His most amazing discovery was uncovering the largest carnivore that ever walked the earth: the ‚"tyrant lizard king, ‚" Tyrannosaurus Rex! Dig into the life of the greatest dinosaur hunter of all time with this exciting biography of Barnum Brown ‚--the best noses in the business for sniffing out dinosaur bones.


The story of a young boy who wanted to grow up a dinosaur hunter and how he built an amazing dinosaur collection for the American Museum of Natural History

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