Aging with Attitude : Growing Older with Dignity and Vitality

Aging with Attitude : Growing Older with Dignity and Vitality
Levine, Robert
The Rolling Stones (now in their 60s) have sung to us for years about "what a drag it is getting old," but it doesn't have to be that way. Despite living in a youth-oriented society, many of the aged patients seen by Dr. Levine have kept their emotional zest, intellectual zeal, and empowering dignity. Levine points to well-known public figures clearly aging with dignity and vitality. And this neurologist author shows steps we can take to age while retaining these qualities in defiance of a society that challenges this quest. Living longer is not enough for most of us; we don't want to just survive. The quality of our life as we age is most important, and much of that depends on our attitudes and approach. This text includes strategies to optimize self-esteem as well as health, including attention to nutrition, exercise, health care, education, mind stimulation, sexuality, social activities, and cosmetics and cosmetic surgery.
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