Family Fun Night




3rd Place Winner: Wolf


My name is Scout and I am an eastern wolf, me and my pack liv in forests near Wisconsin and Michigan. We like to primarily on white-tailed deer and moose. Some cool facts about me are, I'm related to a coyote and many other cool animals. We live in packs of 3-6 not many. When we are pups our eyes are Bright blue but when we grow older they turn bright yellow.


2nd Place Winner: Leroy-James


Leroy-James Fitzgerald is a 10 year-old Jamaican-American from Oregon. He prefers to be called LJ. He is currently in 9th grade because he was able to skip 4 grades when he he did his older sister's homework and got 101%. A lot of the kids at school think he's weird because of it. LJ spends most of his time reading, building model rockets, and stuff like that.

Becasue of his incredible mind and love of space, YSEP (The Youth Space Exploration Program) recruited him for their top secret mission. He, along with 4 other kids from around the globe, will travel to the far corner of the solar system to investigate a disturbance happening there.


1st Place Winner: Nyx Shifter


Nyx Shifter is a Wonderland, shape-shifting original character (OC.) Nyx woke up in Wonderland unexpectedly after she was flung off her father's ship in a terrible storm. Nyx got her shape-shifting abilities accidentally, but she now uses them to her advantage to cause mischief for her own laughs and to get away from the queen's gurads (both White and Red).

Nyx Shifter is not proud of her past in Wonderland and has tried to keep it a secret, but everyone already knows about her past. But she has managed to keep what happened to her eye a secret, because the incident is something she never wants to talk about or have other people know. She might look somewhat evil in this drawing (which she kind of is) but Nyx actually has a really fun personality and always tries to have a good time in Wonderland. She also loves a good game, and she always wins every card game she's in.

Nyx has too much confidence to admit that she still sometimes feels sad knowing that she's not from Wonderland and can never go back to her normal life as the daughter of a captain sailing the seven seas.

Also, Nyx is just a nickname her dad gave her that she goes by in Wonderland. Her real name is Perdita, which means lost.