Book Discussion: Marley, Ogden Valley Branch

This program was on Dec 1, 2021
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Books & Authors
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Ages. 18 and older. Limited free copies of the book are available. Discussions will be held in person. Call or go online to register at https://WWW.WEBERPL.LIB.UT.US/DISCOVER/GROWN-UPS-CORNER/

Marley by Jon Clinch

The meet as youths in the gloomy confimes of Professor Drabb's Academy for Boys, where Marley begins their twisted friendship by initiating the innocent Scrooge into the art of extortion. Years later, in the dank heart of London, their shared ambition manifests itself in a shipping empire. Between Marley's genius for deception and Scrooge's brilliance with numbers, they amass a considerable fortune, rooted int eh soon-to-be-outlawed slave trade.

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