1887 Ogden Time Capsule Unveiling, Main Library

This program was on Jan 18, 2020
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Cultural Celebrations
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The Utah State Archives and Records Service is bringing the 1887 time capsule to Ogden! Join us on January 18 at the Weber County Library for a special unveiling with Local Government Archivist Alan Barnett.

When the old Central Jr. High School was demolished in Ogden the workers discovered a time capsule set in the cornerstone in 1887. The metal box was cut open to reveal its contents which showed that the school was originally built as a Congregationalist academy. The contents were returned to the capsule and it was put in storage at the Ogden School District offices. The metal capsule, with its contents, was eventually sent to the Utah State Archives and Records Service for permanent preservation. Now, nearly sixty years after it was first opened, we will open the capsule again and discover something of the history of early schools in Utah.

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