Film Screenings


Are you a film fanatic? The Library hosts many film screenings and has a circulating collection of popular and educational DVDs. Each of our five locations have free movie programs and numerous film titles for you to choose from.  

Attendance at Library Sponsored Film Screenings
Adminstrative Procedure

The Library’s primary goal is to provide access to a rich amalgamation of relevant information resources and programs, enabling users to make meaningful decisions in their lives and participate as full-fledged members of our democratic society.  Therefore, both collections and programs offered by the Library must reflect a diversity of experiences, opinions, social and cultural perspectives, and formats.

As part of its regular program schedule, the Weber County Library offers film screenings for the public.  The Library may on occasion show documentary or other films that have received a PG, PG-13, or R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.  All Library publicity associated with these screenings will clearly list ratings and a cautionary statement as necessary.

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for supervising their children’s access to Library programs and services.  While the Library offers a wide variety of children’s and young adult programs, it is assumed that children who visit the Library unattended are authorized to attend all programs available to the public.  Therefore, Library staff will not monitor film attendance, provided that attendees under the age of six are adequately supervised by an accompanying adult or responsible individual, in accordance with the Library’s Board Policy on Unattended Children.

For the enjoyment of all present, any disruptive patron (regardless of age) may be asked to leave the screening area.

Approved 2/16/10