2022 Teen Drawing Contest

Ages 12-18. Draw a single or multi-paneled comic strip, design a character, or draw a book illustration. All artwork will be displayed at the Main Library.

Drawings can be submitted at any Library location June 1July 31. The public will vote on their favorite pieces.

Contest Rules

  1. One entry per artist.
  2. Any descriptions included with entry must be typed.
  3. Artist names should not be visible on entries. Each entry will be assigned a number for public voting.
  4. Entries must be submitted with an entry form. Forms are available at any Library location.
  5. Submissions must be no bigger than 12 inches x 18 inches.


  1. One-panel comic: Contained on one page
  2. Four-panel comic (like Peanuts/Garfield): Preferably a page of panels.
  3. Design a character: Must include at least one full-body drawing & one face/profile drawing. Must submit a 1-2 paragraph backstory for the character.
  4. Book illustration: Create a one-page illustration for a children's or teen book. Must submit a 1-2 paragraph backstory describing their entry. 

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