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Encyclopedia of Religion (eBook)

A comprehensive and scholarly encyclopedia containing over 3,000 articles on world religions. It takes a cross-cultural perspective and emphasizes religion's role within everyday life. Articles cover denominations, major religious leaders, concepts and ideas, etc. This is the online version of the 2005, second edition, of this fifteen volume work.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

The works of numerous religions and belief systems are indexed and searchable on this this. In covers Eastern, Western, and Ancient religions, as well as esoteric, occult, and fringe groups. 

New Catholic Encyclopedia (eBook)

An authoritative encyclopedia known for its scholarly presentation of subjects and persons related to Catholicism and the humanities. It contains hundreds articles on topics such as historical figures, philosophy, saints, theology, and many more. This the online version of the 2002, second edition, of this fifteen volume work.

Virtual Religion Index

A large but selective directory of Internet resources on religion and related topics. Coverage includes religious texts, the psychology and sociology of religion, ethics and moral values, biblical studies, comparative religion, etc.