Love in the 90's: A Walk in the Clouds (PG-13), Pleasant Valley Branch

A returning soldier from World War II finds the woman he married before he left doesn’t love him, though he tries to make it work by establishing a sales career. While on route to an appointment, he meets a pregnant woman returning to her family’s vineyard and offers to act as her “husband” so she will not be disgraced. But when he is encouraged to stay to help with the harvest, their growing attraction derails his plans to return to the wife he already has.

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Japanese Culture: Tokyo Sonata (PG-13), Pleasant Valley Branch

The Sasakis are a middle-class family in Tokyo with middle-class problems; the father loses his job and hides this fact from his family, pretending to go to work while searching for another. One son joins the military while the other takes piano lessons in secret. The mother is taken hostage by an unemployed man looking for money. Each family member experiences their own personal awakening as individuals and finds their way back home. (Subtitles).

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Japanese Culture: The Wind Rises (PG-13), Pleasant Valley Branch

Young Jiro Horikoshi longs to be a pilot but cannot due to his nearsightedness. Instead, he studies aeronautics but fails in his first attempt to design a fighter plane for the Imperial Army. He is sent to Germany for research where he is met with constant racism and opposition that plagues him, but that also fuels a determination to realize his dreams.  This anime film was directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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Foreign Films: Wadjda (PG), Pleasant Valley Branch

11-year old Wadjda daydreams of owning the green bicycle from the store she passes every day on her way to school, knowing her mother will never agree to buy it since riding bikes is frowned on for girls. She determines to raise the money herself, and does, but her efforts are in vain as the adults around her decide what is best for her, until the unexpected happens. (Subtitles).

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Foreign Films: Life is Beautiful (PG-13), Pleasant Valley Branch

In pre-World War II Italy, Guido, a young Jewish man, starts a family with the girl of his dreams and opens a book shop. But when war breaks out, they are quickly rounded up by German soldiers and taken to separate concentration camps. Guido convinces his son that the camp is just a game and the winner will receive a tank. Never letting his son find out the truth, his ingenuity and quick thinking keep his family safe until the Allies can liberate the camps. (Subtitles).

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