Favorite Romantic Comedies: Overboard (PG), Pleasant Valley Branch

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell light up the screen in this heartwarming romantic comedy about a pampered socialite, Joanna, who refuses to pay the handyman making repairs on her yacht.  When Joanna accidently falls overboard and gets amnesia, the handyman takes advantage of the situation and tells her that she's really the mother of his four unruly children!

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Friday Morning Matinee: Lawrence of Arabia (PG), Pleasant Valley Branch

Winner of 7 Academy Awards® including Best Picture of 1962, this film stands as one of the most timeless and essential motion picture masterpieces.  Peter O’Toole stars as T.E. Lawrence, the audacious World War I British army officer who heroically united rival Arab desert tribes and led them to war against the mighty Turkish Empire.

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