Frozen Favorites: The Mighty Ducks (PG), Pleasant Valley Branch

When hotshot lawyer and former peewee hockey player, Gordon Bombay, gets a DUI and is sentenced to community service, he takes over coaching “District 5.” When he first meets the team, they have no equipment or place to practice, which he fixes by getting his firm to sponsor them, thus changing their name to “The Ducks.” With the right motivation and a rekindled love of hockey, coach and team come into their own.

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Disney Classics: Pollyanna (G), Pleasant Valley Branch

Moving in with her rich and very strict aunt, Pollyanna remains optimistic and befriends the townspeople, who live in awe of her aunt. When they ask for a new orphanage and are opposed by Pollyanna’s aunt, they decide to hold a carnival to raise the money. Pollyanna is forbidden to participate’ but when she does and is injured, her ability to find the good in any situation falters.

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Disney Classics: Beauty and the Beast (G), Pleasant Valley Branch

Cursed by an enchantress for his arrogance, Adam is transformed into a beast and his castle falls under a dark spell. His only chance to break the spell is to learn to love another and earn her love in return before the enchanted rose loses its last petal. His chance arrives when a lost inventor takes shelter in his castle and the inventor’s warm-hearted daughter offers to take her father’s place as a prisoner turned companion.

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