Author in the House: Ben Behunin, Pleasant Valley Branch

Ben Behunin's introduction to pottery as a young adult was the catalyst for a life-long journey of self-discovery.  A Utah native, Ben served his LDS mission in the heart of Europe meeting extraordinary people, such as the humble owner of a tiny pottery shop in Germany.  The bond between the two was cemented when Ben returned to work for the potter after his mission.  Memories of that quaint German village inspired Ben to write a series of books beginning with Remembering Isaac: The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niderbipp.  Listen as Ben shares his story of how art and faith shaped his

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Author in the House: Carol Masheter, Pleasant Valley Branch

Meet Carol Masheter, one of Utah’s most fascinating women!  After suffering a series of personal tragedies, Carol took stock of her life and began climbing.  Now, at age 65, she is currently the oldest woman to have reached the top of the tallest mountains in all seven continents: Denali, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Vinson Massif, Everest and Kosciuszko.  Carol’s presentation will include video of her adventures and her reasons for writing No Magic Helicopter: An Aging Amazon’s Climb of Everest and Brightest of Silver Lining: Climbing Carstensz Pyramid in Papua at Age 65.  Books will be

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Book Discussion: The Poisoner's Handbook, Pleasant Valley Branch

The Poisoner’s Handbook, by Deborah Blum

This spine-tingling true life account highlights ingenious murderers from the early 1900’s and their undetectable methods for killing.  Discover how New York City's first medical examiner and first toxicologist set the justice system on fire with their trailblazing scientific detective work and became pioneers of forensic chemistry.  This program will begin with a video documentary entitled “The Poisoners Handbook”.  Books will be available at the reference Desk.

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ESL Classes, Pleasant Valley Branch

Come join our ESL class to learn English or improve your English skills.  Our classes are led by trained volunteers who focus students upon all aspects of the English language:  speaking, reading, and writing.  Both a beginner and an intermediate class will be offered every Saturday.  To register, call 801-337-2690.

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U.S. Citizenship Preparation Classes, Pleasant Valley Branch

This informative seven week program is free and open to everyone interested in preparing for their citizenship test.  Registration is required for this class.  Space is limited; to register, please call 801-337-2690.

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