Cinema Saturdays: The Corpse Bride (PG), Ogden Valley Branch

Victor is nervous about his upcoming wedding to the enchanting Victoria. While practicing his lines in the woods one fateful night, Victor finds himself dragged into the afterlife by Emily, a young woman cruelly abadoned before her wedding and left to die in the woods. It is a race against time as Victor struggles to get back to Victoria--before its too late!

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Movie Madness in the Valley, Poltergeist II: The Other Side (PG 13), Ogden Valley Branch

The Freeling family thought they had escaped the horrors of the Poltergeist when they fled their original home. A team of paranormal investigators studying the Freeling home discover to their horror that something far worse is lurking in the shadows--something that wants young Carol, the original victim of the Poltergeist activity. And it knows where the Freeling's are....


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