Earth Day Special Screening: Up the Yangtze (NR), Plesant Valley Branch

Up The Yangtze (NR)

This PBS Point of View Film contrasts the technical marvel of China’s Three Gorges with the catastrophic environmental devastation and economic impact on the lives of peasants who have farmed the Yangtze River Valley for millennia.  Poignant and visually stunning, this documentary was an Official Selection for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

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Book Discussion Series: The Russians are Coming!, Pleasant Valley Branch

The Family Romanov: Murder Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia, by Candace Fleming

Follow the decline and fall of the Romanovs as the author weaves an intimate portraits of Tsar Nicholas, his family, and the nefarious monk Rasputin.  The opulent lives of the royals are interspersed with contrasting narratives of the desperately impoverished peasant population.  Discover the events Nicholas simply refused to acknowledge which lead to a bloody civil war and the brutal execution of the Romanov family.  Books will be available at the reference desk.

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After growing up in a barber shop on Ogden's 25th Street, Wataru "Wat" Misaka shot his way to basketball stardom with the University of Utah. As a first-roud draft pick for the 1947 New York Knicks, Wat became the first nonwhite professional basketball player. Having been born in Utah, he was not subject to the 1942 internment orders. To the thousands of Japanese-Americans who were interned, this small-town son breaking race barriers became a symbol of hope. This documentary explores Wat's basketball career and shows rare footage from the Topaz internment camp.

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