Movie Madness in the Valley: I, Frankenstein (PG 13), Ogden Valley Branch

The mortal world is threatened by an ancient war between demons and gargoyles. Humanity's greatest ally is a monster long reduced to nothing but legend. Doctor Frankenstein's monster, who seeks only solitude, finds himself caught in the crossfire between these two ancient enemies.


Watch the action packed trailer here!

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Author In The House, Sarah Boucher, Pleasant Valley Branch

Come and meet Ogden’s newest author!  Mild-mannered kindergarten teacher by day and self-proclaimed scribbler by night, Sarah Boucher's inner fairytale junkie takes center stage with the release of her premier novel Becoming Beauty.  This inspirational fresh take on a classic fairy tale filled with intrigue, mystery, and romance is sure to charm both young adults and those young at heart.  Books will be available for purchase.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have the author sign your copy!

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American Dreams Book Discussion Series: Girl in Translation, Pleasant Valley Branch

The books in this series have been chosen to highlight the harsh realities of people who enter America illegally and to spark a meaningful debate among participants.  Groups can meet at 6:30 p.m. to watch supplemental videos and author interviews for additional perspective.  Regular book discussions will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

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