Summer Movie: Despicable Me 2 (PG), Southwest Branch

Former supervillain Gru joins forces with the Anti-Villain League to find a stolen mutagen that is turning the friendly yellow minions into purple-furred monsters. During the course of the investigation, he falls for his AVL colleague Lucy Wilde. When the case is closed, they realize almost too late that they have the wrong bad guy and have to regroup in order to save the day.

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Summer Movie: Despicable Me (PG), Southwest Branch

Supervillain Gru has hatched a plan to out-do all other villains by shrinking and stealing the moon. He successfully steals the shrink ray he needs but it is immediately stolen from him by his nemesis, Vector. In order to get it back Gru adopts three girl scouts, who can easily enter the booby-trapped fortress. But as he gets to know the girls he learns there are more important things than being the top supervillain.

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Summer Sizzle Concert Series: Randin Graves and the Didgeridoo, Southwest Branch

Randin Graves, an award-winning film composer, has been making music since the early 90s. As a self-taught musician he went on to earn a B.A. cum laude in music composition from UCSD. This is where his passion for world music began, which led him to study the didgeridoo, on which he has become a world renowned expert. His presentation will be part slide show, part musical, and 100% entertaining.

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Do-it-yourself Art Class: Drawing with the Grid Method, Southwest Branch

Have you ever tried to draw a photograph or a painting of loved one but it just never comes out right? Have you tried the Grid Method? The Grid Method is a simple way to break up an image into smaller increments so that your right brain and left brain can work together while you recreate the image in another medium. Bring a copy (not an original) of any photo you’d like to recreate and learn how it’s done! Please call Amanda at 801-337-2670 to register.

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Do-it-yourself Art Class: Watercolor Pencils, Southwest Branch

Did you know watercolor comes in easy-to-use pencils now? This no-mess medium allows you to be creative anywhere without having to haul around paints, brushes, easels, pallets, or even water. Using pencils allows you to create fine detail with ease while also allowing you to cover large areas with vibrant color. Discover this revolutionary way to paint with watercolor! Please call Amanda at 801-337-2670 to register.

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