Spotlight (R), Pleasant Valley Branch

Film Series: Fight for Your Rights

Spotlight (R), 128 minutes

The Boston Globe investigative team responsible for the “Spotlight” column starts an investigation into the story of a priest accused of pedophilia and a cover-up within the Catholic Church. As they get deeper, they uncover years of abuse and inaction by church leaders around the globe that shocks the world.

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District 9 (R), Pleasant Valley Branch

Film Series: Fight for Your Rights

District 9 (R), 112 minutes

A group of sick and malnourished aliens arrive over the skies of South Africa in 1982 and are quickly quarantined into District 9 outside the city of Johannesburg. Thirty years later they are being relocated due to problems between the aliens and the human residents, but the process erupts in violence, leaving one of the humans injured and infected with an alien compound.

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Argo (R), Pleasant Valley Branch

Film Series: Fight For Your Rights

Argo (R), 120 minutes

Six embassy employees escape a hostile takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. They are sheltered in the home of the Canadian ambassador while the U.S. State Department explores options to rescue them. The answer comes in the form of a plan to pose as Canadian filmmakers in Tehran to scout for exotic locations for their science fiction film.



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