Weber Works: Skill Block 1: PC and Windows Basics, Southwest Branch

Skill Block 1: Just the Basics

PC and Windows Basics
This class will teach you how to use a personal computer (PC) and its basic functions, turning it on and off, how to find and open programs, what icons are for, learn keyboard functions, and how to start using to the Internet.  This class will also explain the basic functions of the Windows Operating System.

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DYI ART: ZENTANGLES, Southwest Branch

Zentangles are a fun, relaxing, and creative way to express yourself using repetitive patterns.  It’s simple to do but the end result looks complex and, like a snowflake is completely unique!  Also known as Zendoodles, the name says it all.  This artistic activity can take you to a Zen place, no matter where you are!  Call 801-337-2670 to register.  Ages 18 and above.

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Book Discussion: Powerful Punch Books, Southwest Branch

The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers
Tomboy Frankie Addams feels disconnected from everything, especially after her brother marries and leaves her behind.  Her only friends are her six-year-old cousin and the family’s African American maid and together, the three of them find their way through the awkward stages presented to each of them.  Books will be available at the reference desk.

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Steven Linquist and the Hidden History of M.S. Browning, Southwest Branch

Ogden’s history is full of fascinating characters who contributed to its history and growth. Matthew Browning of Browning Guns is one such character. He and his more famous brother, John, invented and patented 128 guns including the Winchester 1886 and 1892 lever action rifles, and the “Flapper” rifle of 1892, the first working model of the gas-operated machine gun. Don’t miss this special presentation by local resident Steve Lindquist, a descendant of Matthew Sandefur Browning.

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