Obi Wan and Dewey live in the Children's Division of the Main Library.  Stop by and say hi! 



Reading regularly with your child and making reading time fun is the most important way to raise a reader.  Moms and dads, let your child see YOU reading too! 

Pretend writing, coloring, and drawing is interesting to small children, but holding crayons or markers also helps develop the small muscles in their hands and makes learning to form letters much easier.

Talking to children (in the language you know best) helps them learn new vocabulary and information. 

Our FREE Discovery Time programs feature stories, music, and learning activities for infants and children up to age 5.  Get easy, fun ideas to help your child develop pre-reading skills at home.  Programs are offered in seven-week blocks.  Please call 801-337-2639 for more information, or click here for the current schedule.

Can't make it this week?  Missed a class?  Handouts from the current sessions are available here! 

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Children in kindergarten through 6th grade are invited to this free weekly program where learning and fun go hand in hand.  Offered at the Ogden Valley, Pleasant Valley, and Southwest Branches during the school year. 

The holidays can be a lonely time of the year for some. The Weber County Library staff has a tradition aimed at reaching out to those who might otherwise spend the season alone, or without cause to celebrate. 

Friends of Weber County Library entertain a crowd that often exceeds 500 individuals. Board members welcome the guests, the staff and volunteers serve the food, and the Library Foundation provides postcards for anyone who wishes to contact a friend or family member. The event also includes live music and story time. 

Sponsors are always welcome and appreciated. 

Gallery Exhibitions 
Exhibit Application 

The Weber County Library System is now accepting submissions for those interested in exhibiting in either of two state-of-the-art galleries. 

Some social services, such as hot meal service for retired residents, are not available in rural settings where the population is not large enough to support construction of a senior citizen center. Where Library branches are established in such areas, hot lunches are served free of charge in community rooms, specially built and equipped for that service. The meals are provided through an interlocal agreement with County Aging Services. 

The Weber County Library provides free translations of short documents and letters written in many non-English languages as time and expertise permits. It is considered unethical for employees to make contacts for translation services on the job and perform these services after hours for a fee.

Translation Services Policy


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