Weber County Library at the Weber County Fair

Come visit the Weber County Library booths during the 2014 Weber County Fair! The Library will have several booths and games set up at the fairgrounds. Cast your line into our Fish Pond, test your skills at our Ping Pong Toss, get something fun painted on your face, and show us your fastball at our Baseball Toss. There's something for the whole family! The Weber County Fair is open daily, August 6th - 9th, from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Visit the County's website for more information:

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Prytaneum, Pleasant Valley Branch

Prytaneum is a harp and guitar duo based in northern Utah. They specialize in many European and South American period genres. Aaron Stokes is the harp player. He owns a music store in Brigham City, Utah and plays eleven different instruments. He is quick to tell you that the harp is his favorite instrument to play and has completely neglected the others. Todd Que is the guitarist, hails from New Orleans and brings his roots in blues and jazz to this duo. The sound of these two instruments together can range from very classical to jazz fusion, sometimes within the same song.

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Teeny Booper: Geek Charming (G), Ogden Valley Branch

Popularity meets ultra geek in this wacky romantic comedy. After a chance meeting involving an expensive handbag and a fountain, "It" girl Dylan and tech-nerd Josh team up to create a movie discussing the pros and cons of popularity. Dylan is hoping the movie will win her the coveted title of Blossom Queen. Josh--having discovered the charming girl under the popular facade--decides that world should know the realy Dylan.

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