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All Library accounts are assigned a PIN when they are created, and are immediately encrypted for privacy. If, for some reason, your account does not have a PIN, or you have forgotten what it is, please stop in to the Weber County Library building that is most convenient for you, bringing along your picture ID. The staff will then be able to delete the old PIN and help you establish a new one.

If you have any other questions, please call us at 801-337-2636.

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Weber County Library cardholders with Internet at home can access specialized online research databases that are not available on the "free" Internet. These include magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, business directories, genealogy research resources, automotive repair information, and much more.

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Excellence is never achieved by accident - it is always the result of vision, integrity, planning, and hard work. Excellence is the goal of everything we do in the Weber County Library System (WCLS). But in its pursuit, we never lose sight of the Library's greatest resource, its people.

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The Library pairs adult learners with volunteer tutors in an effort to aid adults who wish to learn to read or improve their reading skills.  If you or someone you know is interested in being tutored, please fill out this webform so that we may contact you.


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