Teeny Bopper: Let It Shine (NR), Ogden Valley Branch

Talented--but shy--teenage rapper Cyrus is stunned to find himself the winner of a competion for aspiring musicians, sponsered by his long time crush and popstar, Roxie. Encouraging his confident friend Kris to claim responsibility for the song, Cyrus is content to continue writing music while hiding in the background. Things backfire when Kris suddenly finds himself in possession of both the fame--and the girl--that should by Cyrus'. Can Cyrus overcome his crippling shyness and take his rightful place on the stage?

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Teeny Bopper: Lemonade Mouth (G), Ogden Valley Branch

What do you get when you mix a group of musically inclined high school students and detention? A ridiculously popular band, that's what! This unlikely group of musicians faces crushing challenges at home, a principal that cares about nothing but sports, and a rival teen band, but, in the end, they prove that self-expression and belief is stronger than anything the world can through at them. 

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Teeny Bopper: Teen Beach Movie (NR), Ogden Valley Branch

Join beach loving buddies Brady and McKenzie on a wacky trip to the past! After a magic wave dumps them into the 60's film Wet Side Story, the duo accidentally changes the plot, causing the romantic leads to fall in love with them instead! Its a race against time as Brady and McKenzie work to get the story back on track--or risk being stuck in the past forever.

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