Introduction to the Internet/Email, Main Library

New to computers and the internet? Need help setting up an email?  Let us help. This beginning class will help students learn the basics, such as turning a computer on and off, using a mouse and keyboard, and how to navigate in the World Wide Web. In this class we can also help you set up an email account, send messages and photos to friends and family, and manage the people on your contact list so you can always keep in touch with them.

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Cinema Saturdays: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (PG) Ogden Valley Branch

Five years have passed and Berk is now as dragon crazy as Hiccup could have ever hoped for. However, when a startling discovery of hundreds of new dragons and a mysterious "dragon rider" threatens everything, Hiccup and Toothless must find a way to keep the peace.

All the high flying previews are here!

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Cinema Saturdays:Rio 2 (PG) Ogden Valley Branch

Join Blu and Jewel, now happily married with three kids, on wild adventure deep in the heart of the Amazon. When a family vacation to Jewel's old home turns up some unexpected surprises, Blu and company must embark on a crazy quest to save the rainforest, while pondering the question: should they stay wild, or go home?


Check out the wild trailer here!

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Movie Madness in the Valley: Belle (PG), Ogden Valley Branch

Dido Elizabeth Belle is a young woman suspended between two worlds: the aristocratic world of her father, Admiral John Lindsay, and the horrorific struggles of her mother, an African slave. Raised by her father's family, Belle is confronted with the harsh knowledge that she does not belong in either world, but must create one of her own.


See the exciting trailer here!

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