Cinema Saturdays: The Emperor's New Groove(G) Ogden Valley Branch

Cusco is the man with the plan, the emperor with the groove, and nothing and no one gets in the way of what the man wants...until an evil advisor with murder on her mind accidentally turns him into a llama, that is. Its up to Cusco, and his reluctant sidekick Pacha to save the empire, and get the emperors groove back.

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Cinema Saturdays: Maleficent (PG) Ogden Valley Branch

Enter my children, if you dare, and hear a tale of a fairy not so fair. Or is she? Driven by rage at the destruction of her magical forest, Maleficent curses the child of the neighboring kingdom responsible for the damage. As time passes, and the Princess Aurora grows into a child that Maleficent loves, the fairy realizes that the only hope for these two worlds might just be the child herself.

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