Gentle Movements, Pleasant Valley Branch

This vibrant low-impact class combines gentle yoga, strength and stretch, guided dance, and meditation.  Presented as a combined approach, selected activities help the body with balance, dexterity, strength, and circulation.  Classes are instructed by Déja Mitchell, who is well known in the local community, has a Bachelor's degree in Modern Dance from Utah State University, and has studied African dance and drumming.

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Weber Reads Presents: Law and Politics of Japanese-American Internment

Dr. Richard S. Price, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Weber State University, will disucss the law and politics of Japanese-American internment. Lacking any meaningful political support for their civil liberities, Japanese-Americans fought internment orders in the courts, hoping the Supreme Court would offer protection against the military policy. Their hopes were dashed when the Supreme Court deferred to the military's claim that anyone of Japanese heritage was likely to be inherently disloyal.

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Weber Reads Presents: Snow Falling on Cedars Movie Showing (PG-13), Southwest Branch

Kazuo Miyamoto, a Japanese-American, has been accused of killing a white fisherman over a land dispute. During the trial, reporter Ishmael Chambers is the only town member who wonders if Kazuo might be innocent. During his investigation, he uncovers old feuds and prejudices heavy with the memories of the Second World War.

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Adult 3D Printing, Southwest Branch

Printing technology at the Library has gone three-dimensional, and if you would like to see how it's done, we have the class for you. It may sound complicated, but with a few simple steps and the right machine, you can make just about any object in a variety of colors! This class focuses on learning how to use free online resources to prepare a 3D file of an object in preparation to print. Call Amanda at the Southwest Branch to register, 801-337-2670.

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Weber Reads Presents: Asian Theater Explored, Pleasant Valley Branch

Tim Bryson was a Professor of Theater at Northern Arizona University for over 20 years. He specialized in one of his passions, Asian theater, for almost as long. Asian theater goes back as far as a thousand years and is full of mythology and music, colorful costumes and masks, and is traditionally played by men. Join Professor Bryson for a fascinating look at this vibrant form of theatrical entertainment.

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