Monday Night Movies: Shakespeare Films: Warm Bodies (PG-13), Main Library

A little bit Day of the Dead, a little bit Romeo and Juliet, this film has a very unique take on the zombie genre. R is a different kid of zombie; he has feelings and memories. Julie is one of the last living survivors of the apocalyse. When R saves her from other zombies, he sets into motiona chain of events that will change everything.



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Monday Night Movies: Shakespeare Films: 10 Things I Hate About You (PG-13), Main Library

Come see this modern take on Shakespeare's classic play on The Taming of the Shrew. When Cameron learns that Bianca, the girl he desires, can only date if her older sister, Kat, is also in a relationship, he comes up with a plan to get Kat a boyfriend. But it turns out to be more complicated than he planned as the path to love is never straightforward.

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The classic tale of Cinderella is retold in this magical live-action film directed by Kenneth Branagh. Ella proves to be beautiful and kind even after the hardships of losing her parents and being forced into servitude to her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. With the help of her fairy godmother and mice friends, Ellas makes it to the ball, wins the heart of the Prince, and lives happily ever after.



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