Little Rat Makes Music

Little Rat Makes Music
Bang-Campbell, Monika; Bang, Molly Garrett (Illustrator)

Little Rat can't wait to make music like the violinists she sees at concerts in the city. But her biggest obstacle is practicing. It'sboring. It'shard. And her violin squawksa lot. Luckily, Little Rat's teacher believes she has talent. And her new tutor agrees. With their encouragement--and some fine-tuning--Little Rat hits all kinds of high notes. But most important, she discovers where beautiful music really comes from. In this third book of Little Rat's celebrated tales of triumph, Monika Bang-Campbell and Molly Bang prove that with a bit of pluck, patience, and practice,anythingis possible.


Little Rat loves the violin but hates to practice, until her teacher suggests she perform a duet with one of the advanced students at the holiday concert.

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JF Bang
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