Return to Christmas

Return to Christmas
Heimerdinger, Chris

Until he was three years old, Artemus Holiday  and his twin brother, Andrew, had shared the adventures of life together. But when young Artemus lost his brother in a terrible tragedy on Christmas day, the miracle of the Christmas season seemed forever shrouded by a cloud of sadness and despair. This season, something extraordinary is about to reveal itself. . . . This heartwarming Christmas story follows the lives of two eleven-year-old heroes--the weary and cynical Artemus and an outcast named Chess, a homeless con-artist with a heart of gold. Through a simple twist of fate, these boys will find themselves swept into the adventure of a lifetime--one that takes them beyond their wildest imaginings. A Return to Christmas wraps holiday sadness, joy, and wonder into one very special package. Once you open it, you will never see Christmas the same way again.


Artemus and Chess return to Christmas through a twist of fate and a wondrous adventure.

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F Heimerdinger

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