Ghost: Investigating the Other Side

Ghost: Investigating the Other Side
Ramsland, Katherine M.; Ramsland, Katherine

With the same open and personal style that won her much praise for Piercing the Darkness, Katherine Ramsland turns her keen and curious eye to the phenomena of ghosts to uncover the truth behind a number of supernatural "sightings". Written in the bold tradition of participatory journalism, Ramsland's extraordinary investigative memoir takes readers directly into the world of ghost hunting and paranormal activity, offering an unflinching account of this mysterious world. On the track of an authentic "haunting," Ramsland encounters psychics, shamans, voodoo practicioners, and high-tech ghost hunters eager to reveal how to contact spirits. But through her own daring experiments, Ramsland is able to penetrate the supernatural mystery that has inspired paranormal investigations worldwide.


Real-life ghost hunters reveal their high and low-tech methods for rooting out spirits.

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