Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown

Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown
Hawes, Jason; Wilson, Grant; Dokey, Cameron (As told to)

An exciting new middle grade collection of spooky paranormal investigations based on REAL ghost hunts from stars of the TV showGhost Hunters, the number one reality show on cable television! In a lush, thick volume,Ghost Huntwill feature multiple stories dramatized with cliff hangers and red herrings to heighten suspense and character interaction. Through the investigations, the reader will learn the ins and outs of ghost hunting, how to spot a hoax, and how to face their fear of the paranormal. The book will also have tips for ghost hunting at the end of the book, including guides to the technical equipment and how to set up your own traps for ghosts. Though presented as fiction, these stories are based on real cases, and the GHOSTS ARE REAL!


A collection of stories for young readers, based upon investigations of the supernatural.

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JF Hawes

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