Edge of Honor

Edge of Honor
Morris, Gilbert

A powerful novel of honor, forgiveness, and unquenchable faith--set at the end of the Civil War.Quentin Larribee is a surgeon, but in the confusion at the end of the Civil War, his healing hands brought death to an enemy soldier. To ease his troubled conscience, he visits the man's impoverished widow, only to find himself falling in love. Now he is torn between two choices: a bright medical future with his wealthy fiancee in New York City, or an impossible love with a woman who knows nothing of his terrible secret.In this unforgettable novel, good is found in the unlikeliest places and God's unseen hand weaves a masterful tapestry of human hearts and lives.


Quentin Larribee puts his Civil War doctoring days behind him, but his personal torments remain.

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F Morris

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