Justice at Risk : A Benjamin Justice Mystery

Justice at Risk : A Benjamin Justice Mystery
Wilson, John Morgan

The latest dark and dangerous episode in John Morgan Wilson's award-winning series. Benjamin Justice, once a celebrated journalist, then discredited and disowned by his profession, has just turned forty, and surprisingly, things are looking up. He's started to get a few writing assignments, he's stopped drinking and started working out, and he's just been introduced to a whole new career. However, as Justice would be the first to suggest, now is the time to watch out for the sucker punch. Hired to write one of the most sensitive and controversial episodes in a documentary television series on AIDS, Justice falls into instant lust for his associate producer, an Adonis-like straight young man half his age. Together they go off in search of the episode's producer, who has not been seen or heard from in almost a week. When they arrive at his motel, he's still not to be found, but the room has been trashed, and there's blood on the mattress. The violence is soon linked to a fifteen-year-old bias crime, a corrupt and powerful police official, and a dangerously twisted member of the gay underworld who provides the connection between past and present. In his search for the truth, Justice is lured into an amoral and desperate world where one false move can result in mortal consequences that cannot be reversed. Justice at Riskis Wilson's darkest, most complex, and most disturbing novel to date. Not to be missed, it is a book that provides an illuminating window onto a scary place that will leave readers shaken, sobered, and much wiser.


In this graphically written novel of corruption, sex, and murder, Benjamin Justice investigates the slaying of an AIDS documentary film director.

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