Spacer and Rat

Spacer and Rat
Bechard, Margaret

Jack knows who belongs out in the Black. And who doesn't -- until Kit comes walking into the pub and changes everything he believes about the Black, about the people who live there, about what it takes to be a human being. Margaret Bechard set out to write an adventure story with laser guns ad spaceships. Then, she says, "there was a big step and a long fall off a cliff while I realized that my characters didn't want to do the stuff I had in my mind; they had plans of their own." The result: a fast-paced space adventure and a short story about human feeling and growing up -- science fiction for those who love SF; riveting fiction for those who don't.


Despite their differences, Jack, a Spacer, and Kit, an Earthie, must join forces to hide Kit's illegal robot.

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YP F Bechard

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