The Summer of May

The Summer of May
Galante, Cecilia; Carpenter, Tad (Illustrator)

Twelve-year-old May is living in a desolate situation with only her grandmother, who is depressed about the absence of May's mother, and her father, who works long hours and is almost never around. Due to her circumstance and her resentment over having to live in a low-income neighborhood, May often finds herself picking fights and getting into trouble. But when May is caught graffiti-ing her least favorite teacher's classroom, she is faced with a choice: expulsion or one-on-one summer school with the teacher she most detests. Begrudgingly, May chooses summer school and ultimately learns that her teacher has a secret past--and might just hold the key to answers no one else will give May about her mother.


Angry May is forced into summer school after vandalizing teacher "Movado the Avocado'™s"€ classroom.

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YP F Galante


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