Witch Hill

Witch Hill
Sedgwick, Marcus

Now I knew what it was like to wake from a deep sleep and still be afraid long after the nightmare is over. I stared into the darkness, not daring to move. It felt as if there wasn't enough air in the room. I struggled, gasping for breath. It was as if there was something else in the room, using up my air. The fire in his home was a family tragedy that Jamie can't forget. Fire dominates his waking thoughts and haunts his dreams. When his family sends him away to Crownhill to recover, they don't realize they are sending him to a village with its own dark history of witchcraft and ancient buried powers, unleashed by Jamie's presence. As the dark secrets of Crownhill and its witches are revealed, Jamie has to confront his worst fears in order to free himself from the horrors of the past.


A legendary witch begins to pursue Jamie in terrifying nightmares after his house burns down.

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YP F Sedgwick


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